e-BRIDGE Capture & Store

  • Capture, analyse and process information in emails, faxes and scanned documents
  • Extract text, marks and barcodes, convert to searchable formats and distribute
  • Create dynamic workflows integrated to document systems and corporate file servers

Flexible document capture platform that integrates with your existing information systems to create one-touch scanning workflows, from the panel of your multifunctional device.

Automate Processes

Remove the manual intervention from repetitive business processes by automating the extract, routing and distribution of scanned documents and emails.  Make dynamic workflow decisions based on document content and metadata.

Increase Productivity

Convert paper-based documents to searchable electronic repositories.  Use information stored in barcodes, document zones and forms to automatically route and file documents.

Secure Information

Integrate with corporate directory services and grant access only to the document workflows for a user’s specific role.  Encrypt critical information as it’s processed and redact sensitive data in accordance with internal governance and compliance.

Connect and Integrate

The enterprise connector suite enables native connections to a host of popular document management systems, ERP and line-of-business applications enabling one-touch workflows which deliver the information to where your business needs it most.

e-BRIDGE Re-Rite

  • Perform automatic optical character recognition and document routing
  • Easy to use and supports over 40 languages
  • Choose one of 21 electronic file formats

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Re-Rite is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable document conversion tool. You can scan your paper documents and convert them into fully editable and searchable documents – all in one go.

e-BRIDGE Re-Rite is an easy-to-use software solution to introduce your organistion to the world of digitised documentation.

Easy to use

Choose from one of 21 electronic file formats and e-BRIDGE Re-Rite will perform automatic optical character recognition and document routing to a pre-selected destination. And as e-BRIDGE Re-Rite supports over 40 languages it is the perfect document solution for foreign documents and your international colleagues.

e-BRIDGE Re-Rite can also be utilised with our e-BRIDGE Print & Capture app which is available from Apple’s App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and from Google Play Store for Android systems as an immediate download to your mobile device.


No need to re-type documents – e-BRIDGE Re-Rite creates editable and searchable files for you


Enhance your Toshiba MFP Scan function with the additional Scan to Word, Scan to Excel, Scan to PowerPoint, Scan to Searchable PDF or event Scan to HTML and e-BOOK


Use barcodes for automated document splitting

Mobile integration

Combine e-BRIDGE Re-Rite with our e-BRIDGE Print & Capture app to enjoy all the benefits on your mobile device.


Fully automated workflows to improve processes with a single touch of a button.