PaperCut with Toshiba MFDs

PaperCut MF provides integration with Toshiba MFDs, enabling the tracking and billing of “off the glass” copying, faxing and scanning. The solution uses Toshiba devices’ built-in touch screen to provide a rich set of application features for walk-up copier, fax and scan usage, including:

  • End user authentication including integration with single sign-on environments such as Active Directory, Open Directory, eDirectory, LDAP and others
  • Optional proximity card swipe authentication (via standard USB based readers)
  • Group-based access control to the device and color copying )
  • Monitoring and control of photocopying (quotas, charging, allocation and logging)
  • Allocation of copying to accounts/departments/cost-centers/projects
  • Releasing jobs from a hold/release queue (secure printing)


e-BRIDGE ID Gate is a convenient and reliable authentication system for Toshiba e-STUDIO Multifunction Products (MFPs) by allowing users to easily access the control panel on the device with a swipe of a proximity card, eliminating the need to manually enter an ID code or password.

Access by individuals to the MFP and its functions can be easily controlled and monitored by the network administrator, allowing for usage reports to help improve control and reduce operational costs. Seamless integration with all MFP operations plus enhanced security provides additional benefits to users.

  • Simplify the authentication process with proximity card readers
  • Convenient and quick – no time wasted with password entry
  • No risk of passwords being lost or copied
  • Rules based access allows each user to have custom settings
  • Device usage can be tracked by user or by user role